The evenings and nights at Conchal were warm and lovely.  Great for those hand-in-hand evening walks we have always enjoyed.
The next day we drove over toward Liberia to do some shopping.  Our car for the trip was a Toyota 4-wheel drive.  With that in mind, I decided to take a "shortcut."  No pictures, though, as I was too busy trying to (a) figure out where the Hell we were, and (b) trying to navigate the streams and cow-trails ahead.  Dot was simply marvelous thoughout this venture -- enjoying the scenery as though she hadn't a care in the world.

<- Found this native girl on the beach.  Offered her some beads and trinkets to stay with me.  Rest of the story is none of your business.

Sunset on the beach at Playa Conchal->

<- A local lady shopping at nearby souvenir outlet.

Dot says I gotta include a picture of me.  So, this is me up in the "lobby" of the hotel. ->

Remember I mentioned that it was our 30th wedding anniversay?   That happened to be the day that I took us on the "cow trail adventure."  I figured that if 30 were ever to become 31 (or maybe even 30 plus a week), that I had best make amends.  So, we had dinner up on the hill at the hotel's best restaurant.   It's amazing what a little champagne will do for a Lady's attitude.

< After a few glasses of the bubbly stuff, she even let me sorta hug her.  >
< A couple of local musicians just happened to wander by.  Amazing! 

I can't tell if she's having fun or not.  What do you think?   >

< I'm trying to decide which of these two pictures is more beautiful so I can have an enlargement made for the wall in my study.  If you want to vote, #1 is on the left, #2 on the right. >
Pendant2as.jpg (8184 bytes) <  This pendant is symbolic of our love and marriage.  The intertwined hearts represent our mutual love and the sharing of our lives.  The "30" represents the durability of that love.  We hope that you Walden kids will be fortunate enough, and strong enough, to know and enjoy a similar love.

That evening was the high point of a beautiful trip.  The next day we drove back to San Jose.  For the continuing saga, move along to Costa Rica #3.

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