Beautiful Granddaughters
Somewhere I heard that the term "Beautiful Granddaughter" is redundant.  The pictures below do tend to emphasize that point.  Kali and Stephanie, ages 8 & 6 (Steve's daughters), are spending some time with Grandpa.

(The small pictures are links to bigger ones.  Use your Back button to return to this page.)

<-- Little girls need to be spoiled, and the spoiling began as soon as we boarded the flight in San Diego.

And continued as they were served a sumptuous breakfast.  I was quick to point out that service wasn't gonna be like that at Grandpa's house. -->

<-- The flight attendant made Kali her very own volcano, but Stephanie was napping and missed it.

On the ground in Atlanta, I thought we would give Delta some free publicity for the wonderful service. -->

<-- In the Sky Club calling Uncle Tony to see if he is ready to pick us up (He was.)

Of course, they had to stop by Uncle Tony's house to meet his new puppies. -->

<-- Puppies need spoiling, too.  One girl for each puppy. -->

 <-- Looks like a couple of celebrity chicks have moved into the neighborhood.

Hangin' out by the pool. -->

<-- It's a work day.  We need to water the flowers out by the entry gates.

We stopped to fill up the water jugs and somebody tried to steal my truck. -->

<-- Have to be careful around here now -- it's not safe to leave a vehicle unattended.

Kali is helping with the watering. -->

<-- Just a couple of basic Beautiful Granddaughter pictures. -->

 <-- Kali took these pictures.  First a picture of her sister, and then a picture of herself. -->

<-- Then she took more pictures of Stephanie. -->

<-- Three very pretty ladies making some kind of plans (I think the plans involved shopping).

Then a trip to the aquarium with Auntie Lucy. -->

<-- Two very little girls and one very big fish.

Lots and lots (and lots) of fishes. -->

<-- Just a couple more basic Beautiful Granddaughter pictures. -->

<-- Lancelot is telling Kali that he likes her.

Sometimes, Lancelot gets a little carried away with his affection. -->

<-- Grandma Brandy getting spoiled.

Samantha needs some attention, too. -->

<-- Two loving sisters,

And, sometimes, two not-so-loving sisters. -->

<-- Pulling weeds can be fun (at least that's what Grandpa said)

Stephanie may have momentarily lost her focus on weed pulling (Ya think?) -->

<-- Maybe pulling weeds is not as much fun as Grandpa said. 

Two girls abusing a poor little dog. -->

<-- Looks like a biker chick has moved into the neighborhood.

Somebody stole my hat and is looking very smug about it.  -->

<-- Don't know quite what to say about this one, except that it's kinda breathtaking.
And, a nice way to end this little tour.  -->
(My compliments to the photographer, Sheila Rae, on these two pictures.)