Beautiful Granddaughters
Part 2

The adventures and enjoyment of the granddaughters' visit continues, as the following pictures clearly show.

 (The small pictures are links to bigger ones.  Use your Back button to return to this page.)

<-- Ohmi'gosh, Stephanie is running away from home.  I wonder if it was my cooking?

I don't even know who these people are. -->

<-- Auntie Sheila, Uncle Tony and the girls.

My neighbor's dog, Bo, has been coming around a lot more often, lately.
  Don't know why, considering the abuse he suffers when he comes to visit. -->

<-- The Rolling Acres Street Patrol is always on duty. -->

<-- Wow, looks like they're after a bad guy.

 Stephanie is trying to set a new land speed record for scooters.  -->

<-- I'm not sure if Kali is scootering or posing. -->

 <-- Horses in a nearby pasture that we pass regularly.  The girls wanted their pictures with the horses, but the horses were too busy eating to pose.  -->

<-- A couple of cute pictures of Stephanie. -->

<-- And a couple of cute pictures of Kali. -->
(Just to sorta balance things out.)

<-- Uncle Tony & Uncle Rey took the girls to the zoo. -->

 <-- Naturally they had to go on the Merry-Go-Round.

Stephanie seems to have captured a wild beast to ride. -->

<-- Kali settles for something more tame.

Stephanie really has a thing for animals (kinda like her Auntie Sheila). -->

<-- Adding grace and beauty to the Beautiful Granddaughter Collection is Esther, age 10.

Cousins Esther and Kali relaxing in the swing. -->

<-- The girls had so much fun pulling weeds the last time, they practically begged me to let them do it again. -->
(Well, maybe "begged" is a bit of an overstatement.)

<-- Setting off on an adventure to explore the woods out back.

Two intrepid explorers heading into the woods. -->

 <-- The target of their exploration is this creek.

Checking the creek bottom for any wild animal tracks. -->

<-- Pondering the best way to cross the creek and continue their explorations.

Problem solved! -->

<-- Wading is fun once you're already wet. -->

<-- Gazing at their newly discovered territory.

Almost home, after having made a big circle around the territory. -->