Rolling Acres Lane

Moving Rocks

I have a lot of rocks.  That may be the understatement of the week.

(For more enjoyment, click on the pictures to see larger images.   Use your Back button to return to this page.)  

<--  When I'm out walking with my dogs, I carry a 12" pry bar.  I use it to dig up rocks.  I put them into piles for later use.   -->

<--  Sometimes I leave them because they are bigger than I need at the time.

Being clever on occasion, I have devised a way to move rocks that I can't lift.   -->

<--  I use some of the rocks for decorative borders.   -->

<--   Sometimes I use them to make firepits -- like the one down in the clearing, or the little one by the swing.  -->
<--   Sometimes I use them to create planter beds -- like this one up near my shop, or this one down in the clearing.  -->
<--  I use them for borders along my walkways.

Camellia Walk is bordered by rocks on both sides, even though you can't see them here (trust me).   -->

<--  I use them just to define and set apart some planting areas.

Another example of a walkway border.   -->

<--  A planting area out front.

A planter bed for my hydrangeas.   -->

<--  Another area out front.  

A nicely defined planting area out back beyond the deck.   -->

<--   I used rocks to create these flower beds for Lucy.  As you can see, she has used them nicely.

And a border to help define the swing area.  -->

<--   Sometimes I use the larger rocks as decorative pieces by themselves. 

Sometimes I don't move them very far.  This one is about two feet from where I dug it out.  -->

<--  Occasionally, I get a little insane and decide to use rock walls to change the contours of the area.  I used this wall to raise the level coming down from the yard, and brought in a lot of topsoil to fill behind it.   -->
<--   There's no particular reason for this picture, other than the fact that I just like it.

I don't always move rocks.  Sometimes I just learn to like them right where they are (sometimes there's no choice).  -->

<--   Sometimes I try to create historical replicas.  This is a replica of the Great Wall of China.  I asked Lucy about it, since she has seen the Great Wall.  She said mine needs more rocks.

The pathway and entry to the Temple area.  -->

<--  A closer look at the Temple area, which may someday feature a waterfall and a stream.

The waterfall is on the right, and the stream will run under the little bridge.   -->

<--  The stream will empty into the pond, then recirculate back to the waterfall.

Another look, this time across the pond toward the Temple.   -->