Rolling Acres Lane
 Come along and take a tour of our new home.  It is nestled in the middle of five acres and surrounded by trees.  Located at the end of a dead-end private road, it provides both privacy and beauty.  These pictures were taken back in March just after I bought it.  Gradually I will add some new ones.
(Click on the small pictures to see larger ones.  Use your Back button to return.)

A good place to start is the entrance.  If you look closely, you can see that there really is a house back there.

A little farther down the driveway, the house becomes more evident.

Yep, there it is.  On the right is a three-car garage that will become my new shop.

A better look at the house.  Note that there is no front lawn.

A better look at my shop.  I will probably just use the car port during the summer, but I will save one parking place inside for the cold weather.

There is another garage on the side of the house.

A view from the back of the house.  As you can see it has a large deck.  More on that later.

Another view from farther back in the lot.

The house sits on the top of a rise. 

Looking toward the back lot.  Pretty soon you won't be able to see that far.

Yes, we do have neighbors, but you better look quick because pretty soon you won't be able to see them.  These photos were taken in March, before the leaves were on the trees.

Looking out at the deck since it's raining.

Another view of the deck.  (I told you it was big.)

This picture was taken by the owner during the leafy season.  I included it just to show how private the deck will be.

The property has it's own well (also has public water) and this neat little wellhouse.  

This covered breezeway leads from the back door out towards the shop, but not all the way.

A view from the Sun Room out to the deck.

Looking into the Great Room from the kitchen area.  Those bookshelves will soon be full.

A large and convenient storage area under the deck.


Well, that's the tour.  We are excited about the move and looking forward to living there -- but there are just a few little things to be done first.
[Well, maybe more than a few.  :-) ]