Camellia Walk
& Some Other Stuff

 A couple of nice days, a few trips to the nursery and a lot of help from Miguel, and Camellia Walk was born.  I've ordered a sign for it.  Will add its picture when it arrives.

(Click on the small pictures to see larger ones.  Use your Back button to return.)

Looking from the deck to the beginning of the walk..

A closer look, looking down the hill to the turn.

About halfway down.

A better view from the bottom of the walk.

Gotta have camellias on a "Camellia Walk" -- right?


Looking past the bird feeder in the foreground, you can see the brown line of the rock borders that help define the walk. 

Of course, the project cannot be officially used until the Inspector has given her approval.  As you can see, she is giving it a critical look.

This is the site for the new swing.  That comes later. 

This will be the view from the swing.  Not all bad..

Although I think we will have plenty of rocks for the walkway, Lance is guarding this one to make sure nobody steals it.


A busy day at the bird feeder, but you have to look closely in the shadows.

"Wow!  Great meal.  I'm so full I don't think I can fly."




Well, that's Camellia Walk, so far.  I will add more pictures as it grows and improves.