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Property Tour April 2010

We had a beautiful Spring this year, so I have tried to memorialize it with some of these pictures.  Yes, you will notice that some of them are somewhat duplicative, but I hope they will show different aspects of the same view.  Some of these shots were taken before the trees leafed out, so they show a different perspective.  Enjoy the tour.

(For more enjoyment, click on the pictures to see larger images.   Use your Back button to return to this page.)

<-  Beginning at the entry gates.  One of the things that made this place attractive was that the house can't be seen from the road.

 There are flower beds on each side of the gates, also a nice little Kousa dogwood that I planted last year.  ->

<--  Just past the gates; that's my gardening shed on the left.  The driveway splits and becomes a circular drive.

A little further down is the little wellhouse, plus my American Flag.  The well is actually functional, although I have county water for the house.  I use the well for irrigation.   -->

<-   Approaching the front of the house.  

This cherry tree on the front corner is the first tree to produce blossoms in the Spring.  It also produces a lot of little baby trees which I have been transplanting to other locations on the property.  -->

<-- Another view of the front.  If you look closely, you can see that the entry is well guarded.

These are Chinese Guardian Lions (also sometimes called Foo Dogs).  They were a gift from Lucy.  She told me they were to protect me from evil spirits.  So far, they seem to be doing a good job.    -->

<-- Two more views of the front.  The little Weeping Cherry trees (if you can identify them) came from the Ridgewood house in Atlanta.   -->
<--  The little "Walden Estate" sign is to preclude any misunderstandings.

If you bear to the right at the driveway split, it brings you up the carport and the "garage" (actually it's my shop).   --->

<--  Just a closer view of the carport.

Too the left of the carport, at the corner of the shop, there is a beautiful Crimson Queen Japanese Maple tree, with some lovely red tulips underneath.   --> 

<--  My two favorite vehicles:  a 1987 Chevy El Camino and a Kawasaki Mule, Model 3010.  They live out here because the garage is completely dedicated to my shop.

A view of the East side of the house, as seen from the back yard.  There is a covered breezeway that runs almost to the shop door from the side door of the house -- kinda handy when it's raining.  ---> 

<--  A view down the West side of the house from the front.  There is a small garage on that side where I keep my other car.

Another view from the front, just showing off my landscaping.  :-)   --> 

<--  Two views looking from the parking area in front of the shop toward the West side of the property.   --> 

<--  Two more views out front.   -->

<--  Looking toward the side door and the breezeway from out front.  Those are lilies on each side of the walkway.  The bed on the right, next to the fence, is filled with Vinca Minor.

Just another view to the West, with the Crimson Queen sorta hiding in the lower left corner.   --> 

<--  Two views from the back yard, the first looking toward the shop building and the second looking toward the back of the house and the deck.   -->
<--  Two views of the deck and the back of the house.  There are two because I couldn't decide which one I liked best.   --> 

<--  Two more views of the deck and the back of the house.   --> 

<--  Looking up toward the deck from below, featuring pink dianthus in the foreground and a Japanese Maple.  

Looking toward the back of the property from the back lawn.  I have a huge back lawn -- maybe as much as 800 square feet.  --> 

<--  The first two of several views of the Temple.  It occupies a prominent place in the Oriental Garden in the back yard.  -->
<--  The temple itself.  It is a pagoda temple, 8 1/2 feet tall and the individual stackable pieces are carved from granite.  It came from China, as a gift from a certain brown-eyed Lady.

Looking toward the temple across the Oriental Garden area.  The garden itself is still a work-in-progress.  -->

<--  Two more views of the garden area and the temple.

Those are Sassanqua Camellias behind the temple, with a Japanese Maple in their center.  -->

<--  Two more views out toward the back.   -->

<--  Two views of The Swing.  It sits on the high point of the property and looks down toward the back.  It is surrounded by lovely pink Coral Bell azaleas.  -->
<--  There are two paths from the swing area to the clearing down in the back.  This is the driving path, but it appears to be occupied by some of the local wildlife.

The other path is Camellia Walk, which wends it way down through the trees and down to the clearing.  The path is lined on both sides by camellia bushes.  This shot was before the leaves came out, so the camellias are more prominent.  -->

<--  This is Camellia Walk viewed from the other end, down by the clearing.  This is a later shot, so the greenery tends to distract from the camellias on both sides.

 A view down the lower part of the driving path, overlooking the clearing (also featuring more of the local wildlife). -->

<-- A shot taken before the leaves came on showing the wall I built to create a planter bed for the azaleas.  The weeping cherry tree has yet to leaf out.  It is also one that I brought from Ridgewood.  It is surrounded by Vinca Minor, which came along with the tree and has spread since.

This little shed was a deer stand for some previous owner.  The little girls think it's a neat playhouse.   -->

<--  Another view of the playhouse.

The clearing where I spend some part of most days, often with a book and a glass of wine.  -->

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