Diamonds In The Morning

The Earth Mother offered her dazzling invitation for a morning walk.  She had spent the night preparing a display of her diamonds just for our enjoyment.

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(Saturday, Jan 29, 2000)

With an invitation like this awaiting, it was difficult to stay inside.  "Come," she said, "come and enjoy my jewelry display."  
  The weeping cherry, so lovely in the spring, is now draped in diamonds.
The gentle dogwoods, not to be outdone, choose backgrounds of green to display their finery.
The swing, with its memories of so many times of other seasons, dons a white dress for the occasion.  
A little dogwood daughter saved an Autumn oak leaf to wear with her Winter diamonds, while her sister chooses only a forest backdrop for hers.
  The ice-crusted firewood pile offers its reassurance, saying simply, "I am here if you need me."
The camellias by the garden join the morning party as glittering diamonds contrast with their emerald green dresses.
Even the high tech and the mundane are decorated for the occasion.
The garden and its tools join the Winter gala as they wait patiently for Spring.
Delicate tendrils of grass provide form and structure for the diamond show.  
The wind chimes are frozen into stillness as the morning seems to call for silent enjoyment.
The cherry laurels bow in their deference to the occasion.
Back inside after the tour, morning kitchen chores are made more enjoyable by the beauty outside  

There is so much beauty all around us, if we take the time to savor and enjoy it.

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