In Memory of

Dottie Walden

My all-time favorite picture of her.  There is a story that goes with it, but it's a bit personal.  What you see is a woman who knows that she is loved, and knows that she is worthy of that love.
Dottie loved the outdoors and loved to learn new things.  This was the day I showed her how to cross a stream.  She mastered it quickly and took great joy in her accomplishment.
Our 30th wedding anniversary in Costa Rica.  Still beautiful.  Her anniversary gift was the pendant shown below.
A lifetime of memories.  Dottie in places all over the world.  I enjoyed photography, and she was my favorite subject.
So Much Love - A poem to Her
The Good Times - A collection of (sometimes irreverent) memories.
Sunsets Of Our Lives - A poem




The music is "I Will Always Love You" by John Tesh.
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