Miguel's Page
This page is for Miguel Hernandez, so his Mother, back in Mexico, can see him.

Miguel is from Tulancingo, Hidalgo, Mexico.  He is living and working in Cumming, Georgia, USA.  Some of his brothers are here also.  His Mother, sister and one brother are at home in Tulancingo.

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Miguel likes my car -- I think because it is almost as old as he is.

In the front of the house by the Chinese lions.

Today he is moving dirt to build water dams around the camellias and azaleas.  


This is Miguel's favorite car, because he gets to drive it.


He is working very hard (as always).

This is Miguel at the beginning of "Camellia Walk."  He planted all of the camellias on this little walking path through the woods.

Miguel and his helper -- Lancelot.  Sometimes Lance helps Miguel dig -- but sometimes he does not dig where he is supposed to.

This is the site for the new swing (which we haven't built yet)..

Sometimes Lancelot helps Miguel by standing guard to make sure nobody steals anything -- like that rock.   :-)

Another picture at the beginning of "Camellia Walk.  



We will add more pictures from time to time.