The Swing

The Swing was tucked away in a serene clearing in the back lot.   


Designed with love, crafted with care, built from raw redwood lumber, it was bright and shiny when it first graced the clearing.

Two little Ladies enjoying the Swing


Later on, the Swing and the clearing became my "thinking place" where I often spent time sorting out things that were swirling around in my head.


Over the years, it took on the soft patina that time and weather bring to redwood.  It had become a place where thoughts were shared and memories were made.

Sometimes, it was a place of loneliness.  Often on nice nights, I would turn up the volume on the deck speakers and sit out in the swing listening to music.


  Then, on the night of December 18th, this pine tree broke and fell.  There are 360 degrees in a circle.  Of those, 355 would have spared the swing, but it was not to be.

Almost as though it was guided by a malevolent hand, the tree fell precisely between the posts, breaking the crossbar and totally crushing the Swing.  The swing is gone, but the memories remain.  

 The sight left me with a profound sense of loss. 


I still own a saw; redwood can be obtained; the design is still in my head; and, except for a few new nicks and cuts, the hands that made that swing are still good. I can make a new swing -- and I will.