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Sometimes random thoughts go coursing through my mind.  Sometimes I write them down; sometimes I don't.

Random Thoughts:

Often it seems that I see colors in life where others see only shades of gray.

Pissing in the soup is one way to cool it, but it really spoils the taste.

Sometimes I'm as confused as a  breast-fed baby in a topless bar.

Sometimes I feel like the only virgin at an Aztec ceremony.

When cannibals invite you to dinner, it is useful to learn whether you are to have dinner -- or to be dinner.

This is not about what you do -- it is about who you are.

Love is not something your heart falls into; Love is like a soft wind that picks up your heart and sets it soaring.    (from a Friend)

It's hard to put Humpty Dumpty back together again -- when the pieces keep crawling away.

Understand the difference between seeking joy and merely trying to lessen the pain.   Much of life turns on this distinction.

" . . . that's just a lot of water underneath a bridge I've burned."  (from a song)

"Live like there is no tomorrow; Dance like no one is watching, and Love like you've never been hurt."  (from a Friend)

Like the sound of squeaky hinges on a gently slamming door.

. . . champagne, fire and love, . . .

He shares his opinions with anyone, but his thoughts with no one.

It was that kind of adversity which does not so much build character as to reveal it.

Enjoy the history and share the loss of: The Swing

Something worth a visit:  The Leaf

A bit sad, but still worth a visit:  Sunsets of Our Lives, Petals and Almost.


"The sound of the waves as they gently drift onto the sandy beach, having spent their strength on their journey toward the shore, is like a multitude of soft whispers from heaven in the still of the night."

(I really wish I could claim authorship here, but that would deny a certain, unnamed Canadian Lady her due.  Great work, Betty!)

"The giant oak is an acorn that held its ground."  (from a Friend)

Weeping Cherry Tree
The weeping cherry tree was fashioned by the Earth Mother as a bridal veil for her favorite daughter -- Spring.

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The Seasons often evoke colorful thoughts.  (This isn't new; I just moved some things off this page.  Maybe now I'll add more to it.)

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