It's not always clear just what one should put on a page called "Stuff," so I'm just working it out as I go along.  Mostly, I just kinda like the name.

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We have taken on our first advertiser:  Lord Baron's Dachshund Stud Service.   Click the link below to learn more about this fine service.

It sorta looks like the Delta Dachshund Express crashed and scattered dogs all over my deck:

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There are some animated Eagles at this link, but they are a rather slow load.  Go there only if you're both curious and patient. 

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This card hand was my first real venture into the creation of animated graphics.  The chipmunk on the Home page was next.  Did you ever try to teach a chipmunk to sit up?  And, wag his tail at the same time?  Not a good plan.  The walking dog on the home page is borrowed, although he was brown when I got him.  Had to make him black so he would look more like Baron -- except his legs are too long.   Oh, well . . . . . . . . . .
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