Lord Baron's Dachshund Stud Service is proud to offer the finest in stud services, with a handsome assortment of potential fathers from which you may choose.

The following are some of our best fathers.  Some of their finer qualities are listed alongside the pictures.  We believe that these qualities are passed along to the puppies.

(For more enjoyment, click on the pictures to see larger images.  Use your Back button to return to this page.)

<- This fine male is well known for his yard guard qualities.

On the right is one our most sincere males.  If you want sincere puppies, he's your guy  ->

<- No, he does not have a drinking problem (unless you think iced tea is a problem), but he does have great jumping ability.

On the right is one of our more serious males->

<- This is our best hunter.  If you want puppies who can hunt, you can't go wrong with him.

Adventurous, but with an apreciation for the spiritual things in life.  Another fine choice ->

 Both of these males offer fine domestic qualities.  The male on the left always looks after the estate, while the one on the right can be found at home by the fire each night.  These are both excellent choices.

Our services are guaranteed.  We will continue to provide the service until are parties are satisfied.  Of course, we cannot guarantee the results, but you can reasonably expect to have puppies with some of the fine qualities shown below.

If affection is what you want, just look at this little guy.  His great-aunts thoughtfully and attentively cared for him and taught him to be warm and loving. 
On the left is an intrepid hunter, sired by our hunter male.  On the right is a contemplative little beauty who was fathered by one of our more serious males.
<- A nice little group under the attentive and watchful eye of Auntie Samantha

If heartbreakers are your soft spot, this little guy was sired by one of our most sincere males.               ->

<-  Two brothers enjoying a walk in the sunshine.

         "Help me, Daddy.  I'm your baby girl."  ->

Lord Baron's Stud Service has done it again.  For his latest accomplishments, check out the new litter on the Puppies2K page.   You can also see his past work at the Puppies page for 1999.

References are available on request, but we must, of course, respect the privacy of other parties.  However, we do have one former client who will happily (and loudly) tell the world of her satisfaction with the service.

For more information -- references, pedigrees, etc. -- contact Lord Baron by email.  Send him a message to:
baron at rwalden.com
(replace the "at" with "@" and eliminate the spaces -- Baron doesn't like Spam)

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