Wednesday, January 26, 2000
Mother and babies doing fine.  Five boys and only one girl.  All beautiful (naturally!), strong and healthy. 

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Life is the Answer . . . to Life

Winter storms come and go; markets go up and down; political charades flourish and pass -- but life at its most basic levels goes on.  Brandy was not concerned about these transient events in her life.  Her whole attention was focused on those growing lives within her.  In the last few days, as her "little burdens" grew to her discomfort, she seemed totally focused on the coming event -- skipping her meals, finding a suitable nesting place, and waiting for her time.  

At about 6:30AM Wednesday morning she began preparing her nest.  By 8:30 she had graced the world with six beautiful babies.  She had done this twice before, so she set about the task like a pro -- a good thing, because she did not have much time in between the arrivals.  Only when they were all delivered, cleaned and feeding,  did she take the time to admire her work. 

Once again, it is New Life in the process of becoming and ancient Motherhood in its finest moment.  
It is a beautiful thing.  

Watch them grow and enjoy the fun -- beginning at Pups2K, page 2.   (Pups2K???  Yep, Brandy was tired of all the "Y2K" hype, so she pronounced herself "P2K Ready!" -- Puppies 2000 -- and she was, indeed, ready).

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