Before the move, when I prepared my list of requirements for the new property, provisions for my new shop were very high on the list.  In fact, it might safely be said that the shop was really more important than the house.  :-)

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This is the shop, as I first saw it.  Of course, then it was only a lowly three-car garage.  What a waste.

I did a pretty thorough layout of the new shop before I ever moved.  That allowed me to plan for power and air pipe distribution.  I had a new power panel installed to handle the needs of my shop.  Also had the floor cleaned and painted with epoxy paint while it was empty.  -->

It looks pretty much the same now, except for that dark, round blob in the middle of the center door.

This is that "dark, round blob."

The final layout of the shop closely followed my plans, as these inside pictures show.

Different views of the inside shop.

 If you look at the larger picture, and look down in the lower left corner near the door, you will see an important feature:  the doggy door.  The dogs can come and go at will through their little door and protect me while I work.

Deciding that I had probably inhaled my lifetime quota of sawdust, I installed a JDS air filter to clean the air.  -->

Another view from the outside.  I did leave room in the shop for my car, but that's mostly for unloading materials.  The car port is perfectly adequate.

The shop sits on a hill.  Underneath there is a full "apartment."  That's handy because it has a bathroom.  Since I'm not expecting any long-term guests, I also use it for wood storage.