Salad Mixing Bowl
 I'm not sure what else to call this bowl.  It's a bowl to hold some extra salad.  It was a little bit of a challenge since I had not previously turned a bowl this deep.  The bowl is made from the "barn lumber" used for some other pieces on the project page.

This may seem like a lot of pictures for just one bowl, but the grain patterns are so interesting that I didn't know just which ones to use.  The bowl is made from two pieces glued together.  That provides evenmore combinations.

Just more of the variations.  The light spot is a little knothole which was filled with sanding dust when I took this picture.

I used the lathe for the first application of oil.  That allows me to polish the finish to a soft luster.

Off the lathe and ready for use.  The picture on the right is like taking a picture of Baron -- it is so dark and so deep in color that it almost disappears into itself.

 Variations on the same theme. 

The contrast provided by the sapwood makes it a fascinating piece.