Since the name of this site is "RW's Shop," I decided to include some of my shop work and project stuff.

(Click on the pictures below for more.)

My most recent bowl project.  Click either one of the pictures to see more.  It is a "salad mixing bowl" -- until somebody comes up with a better name for it.

<-- This is the beginning of what will be a set of eight salad bowls.  A little instruction from my friend, David, has improved my skills and my confidence.

                           And, this is the end.   -->

Although I have owned a lathe for years, I had never used it until a friend of mine got me interested in "turning" (as it's called).  So far, I have been doing only small vases of different interesting woods and now a few bowls.  
  I'm not sure if this was a project or a venture into madness, but, whatever it was, this stump consumed a few weeks of my time, an enormous amount of energy and enough iced tea to float a small boat.

There really was a purpose to the stump removal project.  It had to go to make way for the Oriental Garden project.  This one will take a while, so check back occasionally to see how I'm doing.     

A "project page" would not be complete without including my lifetime favorite work -- this jewelry box that I made over twenty-five years ago for the Love of My Life.  It was one of her most cherished possessions.