The Salad Bowl Set
 A common thread in some of my hobbies has always been that sanity is not necessarily required to enjoy them.  Nothing has changed.  Having now made the grand total of five bowls, I have embarked on a project to make a set of eight salad bowls -- hopefully looking enough alike so that they can reasonably be consider a "set."  The project had an inauspicious beginning, but I am not discouraged.

This was to have been Bowl #1 of the set.  It is now Bowl #1 of a set of 1.  A little slip of the cutting tool and it  was suddenly a little bit shorter than it was supposed to be.  Oh, well, . . ..  

Undaunted and moving right along -- these are Bowls #1 thru 4 of the set.  As you can see on the right, I am able to work in safety -- knowing that I am protected from burglars and wild beasts.

Bowl #1 is coming along nicely, and my protectors are still on hand so I can work in comfort and peace.

Bowl #1 is almost done and looking good.  So far, so good.
(I am reminded of the story of the man who fell off a 50 story building -- as he passed an open window on the 10th floor, he was heard to say, "So far, so good.)   :-)

 Bowl #2 is in process -- after a slight detour while I went back and modified #1 just a bit.  If this starts to get boring because all the bowl pictures look alike -- Wonderful!!   Trying to make them look alike is a test of my still developing skills. 

These are bowls #1 through #4.  They aren't oiled yet and one of them still needs a little sanding, but they do at least look like a set of four.

Bowl #5 is a beauty.  I had planned to defer the final sanding and oiling until all the bowls were done, but this one is so striking in pattern that I just had to see how it would look with oil on it.

After some interesting  diversions with other little projects, I'm back to the salad bowl set.  As you can see, the set has now grown to six.   (So far; so good.)  

 <-- The set has now reached eight with no major problems.  The final finish work begins now. 
The set is now done and ready for use.  Looks pretty good.  -->

This is the first use of the bowls.  The contrasting green lettuce looks good.
They do grace the table rather nicely (He said, immodestly.)  

I learned some things that would be useful if I ever planned to make eight more things alike (which I don't!).