The Oriental Garden
For years, the area outside the bedroom window was always thought of as a future Oriental garden.  Plans were drawn and considered, trees were removed, but it never quite got started.  Now that I have the time to devote to it, it is finally starting to become a reality -- albeit slowly.  It is a fun project -- one which consumes both mental and physical energies.


This is the area of the garden.  The black tub will be the basin for a waterfall, which will flow out into a small stream.  The stream will flow from left to right, sorta wandering, then into a pond behind the azalea bush on the right.  


Another view of the area.  Those are windows from the master bedroom in the background, and the deck on the right.

The tub is in place, but there was a little impediment in the place where it was to outflow to the stream.  The impediment yielded to basic perseverance.

The work has been carefully monitored and supervised by a team of resident construction inspectors.  The little brown inspector is an expert in earth removal and relocation -- but she has not yet volunteered to help!


 The basin will be ringed with stones, then the waterfall stones will rise from the center.  The construction inspector is giving it a careful review.

The waterfall will look something like this.  This is my first trial, so I have to look at it for a few days.  The inspector has approved it so far.


These are the two views that matter most:  on the left is the view from the bedroom window; on the right is from the deck.  (The azalea bush will be cut back or moved)

A couple of close-up looks at it.  The flat rock on top will be gone.  Right now, it is there for two important reasons:  (1) To hold the rocks below it in place, and (2) to provide a place to put my iced tea that Baron can't reach.

After looking at it for a while, I decided it was too high, so brought it down to this height.  I think it looks better.  My inspectors were off chasing a chipmunk, so don't have their views yet.  

Close up looks.  The ring of stones around the basin looks good.  Of course, the black skirt will disappear.  On the right, the flat stone outside the basin is where it will flow out to the stream.

 I usually put my iced tea on the stone lamp so Baron won't bother it.  Doesn't always work.
The waterfall is now working.  -->

Some pictures of the waterfall with water actually falling.

These aren't real good pictures -- I took them with the little digital camera.  I'll replace them later with some good shots from my 35mm.

Brother thinks I put the waterfall in just for him to use for a water dish.  Sister doesn't like the water splashing on her, so she doesn't use it much.