The Stump

From Greek mythology there comes the story of the Hydra -- a monster with many heads and the ability to grow two more heads in place of one that was cut off.  Well, I found my own modern version of Hydra in the form a large (four foot diameter) sweet gum stump that happened to be in the exact place where I wanted to put the waterfall for my Oriental garden project.  Hercules finally conquered Hydra and I finally conquered "The Stump."  I just hope, for his sake, that he had cooler weather to work in -- July in Atlanta tends to be a little warm.

I wish I had taken a picture when I started, but didn't really expect this to turn into such a project.  The remaining section here gives an idea of its original size.   


Chainsaw, sledge hammer and wedges were my substitutes for the sword of Hercules.  One useful byproduct was a lot of sawdust to improve the surrounding soil.

Finally got it all out (or so I thought), and tidied up the area so I could install the tub which will house the base of the waterfall.

In the precise place where I wanted the outflow from the waterfall, I found this monster.  This is what brought to mind the Greek legend of Hydra.


 Back to the saw, sledge hammer and wedges.  It's getting smaller, but is still connected to Earth by three large roots underneath.

Those, too, yielded to perseverance, several gallons of iced tea and a few more gallons of sweat.


  I dumped all the pieces out back in a low spot around an old red oak stump.  Occasionally I like to sit on this stump with a glass of iced tea and just smile.