If you've been elsewhere on this site, you already know that I have a definite penchant for loveliness -- particularly loveliness as presented in the form of Woman.  There is one Lady who ever occupies my mind, but occasionally there are others who flit through.  These are some of them.  (I know, there's only one now.  Be patient.)


Auguste Rodin's depiction of Danaid is but one of the Lovely Ladies who sometimes haunt my mind.  According to Greek mythology, she (along with her sisters) was sentenced forever to fill with water a vessel which had no bottom.  If she was My Lady, I'd go fetch the water for her.

(A fun note:  In the Rodin Museum in Paris is a maquette, or miniature, of Danaid, done by the artist himself.  It is small enough to be carried.  It was only thru Dottie's interception of my thoughts that I am not today rotting in a French jail.)

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