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Hello!  You must be lost.  Welcome anyway, however.

   This site is a combination of personal tinkering and family communication, so don't be surprised at what you find here.

New:  Pictures of some of the local wildlife:
Game Pictures

A pair of beautiful granddaughters spent a couple of months with us in Summer 2010:
Beautiful Granddaughters
Beautiful Granddaughters, Part 2

A lovely Spring moved me to take some new pictures for an updated property tour.
Spring 2010 property tour.

And then I decided to put up a page about my hobby of moving rocks (just when you were beginning to think I was sane).

Moving Rocks

Click on the picture below to take a tour of the property.


Take a look at my new shop.  It is spendid!  RW's Shop

Also, enjoy Camellia Walk.

Click here for Miguel's Page.

The accumulation of snow on a pine tree marked the end of the era of The Swing.

Also, check out the new page called Family Stuff and new beauties on the Art page.

Pictures of the Oriental Garden and some of my "turning" projects.  See them at Projects.

The page called Thoughts is ever evolving.  It's probably worth an occasional visit.  (He said, immodestly.)

Enjoy a tour of the Earth Mother's display of Diamonds.
Something worth a visit:  The Leaf

    Drop around again sometime.  If anything here strikes your fancy or your curiosity, use the email button below to tell me about it.